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Taxes can take time, and time is money. With our help, you can save both.

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Taxes getting you down? Leave the numbers to us

From compliance to advisory work, we’ll make sure you’re not chasing deadlines, reduce your tax liability, increase your savings, and feel financially informed about your business.

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Expert accountancy tailored for designers

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We work with creatives from all areas of the design industry, applying our practical knowledge of your field to deliver bespoke accountancy services.

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"The3Key are not only my accountant but a financial mentor!"
Lugg Motion - Animator and Motion Designer
About Us

Fundamentals for accurate and transparent financial reporting

Our processes revolve around The3Key fundamentals behind any efficient process: Systems, Structure, and Support. By incorporating these, you can be confident that your accounting function reflects the high standards as the rest of your business.


We determine what software and integrations you require to simplify and automate processes, reducing the risk of non-compliance within the finance function.



We educate you on workflows, alongside the triggers and frequency these are followed, ensuring the systems remain in their best possible state.



No more 7-day response times or lack of proactive advice, maintaining the high standards in the previous two fundamentals as technology evolves.

What you may want to know
Frequently Asked Questions

We’re ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have – big or small. Some of our most commonly asked queries are listed below.

What expenses can I claim?
When you become a client, we will complete an onboarding phase. We’ll educate you on everything you can/can’t claim during this.
When to become a Ltd Company?
There are additional accountancy fees as a Ltd Company. Once you achieve over £30,000 profit, the tax saving typically outweighs the extra fees.
How do I contact you?
We communicate via email, phone and video calls. We schedule most calls, as this allows us to prepare, resulting in accurate advice without absorbing your time.