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We are yet to find a designer that enjoys labouring over their accounts. Creatives think visually, so everything about tax and finances can go against the grain.

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We’re creative, too

With clients across the design industry, from animators to interior designers, our experts will learn about your business and help you apply the best proven practices.

What our clients say

Lugg Motion - Animation and Motion Design

As someone who knew nothing about accounting and having just set up a Limited Company, The3Key were my accounting heroes! They broke the stereotype of what I held in my head as “an accountant” and made everything so easy, breaking down every chunk of information that I (a layman) could understand. The3Key are not only my accountant but a financial mentor! I’d recommend The3Key in a heartbeat.

What our clients say

Studio Blanche - Brand and Web Design

I’m so glad I decided to work with The3Key! From our first conversation, they’ve been approachable and incredibly helpful. Everything is always done smoothly, with extreme knowledge of accounting practices and the design industry. They will always go above and beyond to help me understand everything. I couldn’t thank The3Key enough.

What our clients say

MDW Design - Graphic Design

I instantly knew The3Key would be the right fit for me and my business after our initial consultation call. They are very down-to-earth, friendly and helpful. The advice has proven invaluable and enabled me to fully take control of my business finances. I can’t recommend The3Key enough – a top company!

What our clients say

Made by Fin - Freelance Senior Designer

When I started freelancing, I didn’t understand the value of having an accountant. Since moving over to The3Key, I’m amazed by their knowledge and expertise. Some of their earliest advice covered their fee and more! I’d recommend them to anyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have – big or small. Some of our most commonly asked queries are listed below.

Do I pay monthly or annually?
We generally charge on a monthly basis, as we work with clients throughout the year. In rare situations, we will charge annually.
How do I become a client?
Book a call or drop us an email. We’ll help determine what support you need from us and advise on the next steps from here.
Can I visit you?
Like you, we're able to deliver our services digitally, so we don't offer face-to-face meetings.